JLWizard - Java Swing Wizard Component

JLWizard is a class library, written in Java, for adding wizards to a Swing application.

Most application UIs contain some sort of wizard component these days. I've needed wizards for my Java applications many times, so I decided to write a simple Java class library for creating them, hoping it will prove useful for other developers as well.

Version 0.2 is a complete rewrite, now inspired by Apache Struts, and using Model-View-Controller principles.


  • Built using MVC principles.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Branching: The order in which the pages of the wizard are shown depends on the input of previous pages.
  • Possibility to create a wizard for the current look and feel.
  • Wizard Listeners, for reacting to events in the wizard.
  • I18N

To Do

  • Provide default wizard styles for Mac OS X, GTK and Metal look and feel.
  • Write more documentation.


JLWizard screenshot

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